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Prosper BI

Upload your data

Integrate data from Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Sage, Salesforce, Xero and many more services

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Visualise your data

View your data in intelligent graphs and charts through a variety of dashboards in your browser

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Analyse your data

View trends, patterns and intelligent analysis from your existing data as it updates

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Predict your growth

Set goals, forecast cashflow and view accurate growth predictions calculated from your data sources

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Use Prosper for more accuracte cashflow forecasts, purchasing patterns, efficiency and much more - save money by planning ahead with Prosper BI

Connecting your data couldn't be easier

Built in integrations make importing your financial and sales data fast and simple

Sage | Salesforce | Xero | SQL | XML | CSV

Prosper BI Predicts your future

Propser BI applies complex data analysis algorithms to your data and makes accurate and realistic predictions about your future

Any user can set growth, sales, and financial goals and map out the future of their company. Prosper will tell you where you should be at any point to achieve your goals and will notify you when you are exceeding them

Get more accurate cashflow forecasts, adjust your purchasing to meet the predictions, make better connections with your customers

Use our analysis in your systems

Through our Developer API Package, you can use our machine learning algorithms in your current systems and products. The API allows you to upload your data and retrieve the results through a simple RESTful API. SenLab developers will write bespoke algorithms that directly benefit you and work with your data to enable you to use our analysis in the most efficient way possible.

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Choose from 4 packages to suit your business


Visualise your data in a series of simple dashboards

Check your data from anywhere, at anytime

Intelligent visualisations that bring meaning to your data

Automatic data updates once a month

Upload data from CSV and XML files

Hosted in the cloud


View your data in a series of customisable dashboards

Set goals for future growth, profit and sales

Predict your cashflow month by month

Predict your purchasing patterns

Analyse and predict sales

Analyse your social media accounts and predict coverage

Analyse your customer relations, find more efficient ways to convert clients

Improve operational efficiency

Upload date from Sage, Xero, Salesforce, SQL Server, CSV, XML

Hosted in the cloud or on premises


All of the features of the Predict package plus personalised analysis by SenLab Data Scientists


Access Prosper BI analysis through a RESTful API

Use in any application - internal or commercial

Custom data integration by SenLab integration specialists

Analyse any data set

Personal support line

Licensed per developer

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