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Making business innovation available to all

We believe that technology should be used to enable and benefit every business, no matter the size. In the past, accurate business forecasts were only available to large corporations, with huge budgets. So to even the playing field, we’re bringing a range of affordable business intelligence software to the SME market.

We’ve started with Prosper BI, an online application that helps SMEs predict their future, and there’s more to come. We pride ourselves in constant innovation, and applying the latest technology to solve real problems, highlighted by real SMEs.

Through our innovation hub, due to launch in 2018, we will support, guide and invest in exciting new technologies that change the way SMEs do business, forever. Everything we do is focused on our founder’s original vision: to allow SMEs to innovate easily within their daily operations.

Meet the SenLab Board

George DavisGroup CEO
Stephen FiceNon-Executive Director
John HarrisonNon-Executive Director
Lesley TaylorNon-Executive Director
Tristram TaylorNon-Executive Director
Jamie Davis Technical Lead & Non-Executive Director

Meet the Executive Team

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