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With Prosper BI you can make accurate cashflow forecasts, predict purchasing patterns and increase efficiency across your business. Our machine learning software uses historic financial data alongside big data sources to accurately predict the future, helping SMEs across the UK increase profit, make more informed decisions and scale their businesses effectively.


How Prosper BI Works

Prosper BI is easy to setup and simple to use. Intuitive functionality, and support from our team, ensures you can get going quickly. Plus, our drag-and-drop feature allows you to create your own personalised dashboard – meaning you can see the data that delivers the greatest commercial impact, all in one place.

Our Packages:


Our online visualisation tool makes it easier to understand your existing data and discover potential efficiencies and growth opportunities that would be otherwise missed. Prosper BI imports your data from a range of sources – such as your CRM and Accounting software – and displays it all in one place.

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In addition to the features of Visualise, Predict users benefit from our unique forecasting algorithm – giving you access to 12-month forecasts of your data that are up to 97% accurate. With Predict, you can make more informed decisions, manage your businesses more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

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Our bespoke option is intended for larger organisations who need a more tailored solution. Our expert team of developers and data analysts will be on hand to help you integrate Prosper BI into your own internal systems and, if required we can provide expert analysis of your data.

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Who we integrate with

Quickbooks Xero

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